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Walden Local On Fishing Sustainably

(Photo: Fishing In Boston Harbor)

If you live in New England or the Mid-Atlantic, there's a good chance that seafood is a part of your culture. Lobster rolls at the beach, fish sticks at the pub, clambakes on the 4th of July – the list goes on. And if seafood is an important part of who you are, we have no doubt that you want to make sure it’s available to you for many years to come.

Sustainability is one of Walden’s premiere goals. It goes hand in hand with our pledge to "make local work" and to create a community-focused, local, agricultural economy. Unfortunately, many international commercial fishing conglomerates have a history of polluting water ecosystems and disregarding fish stock regulations. Even if you live close to the northeastern seashore, home to some of the most vibrant fishing communities in the country, the seafood in your supermarket probably wasn’t pulled off a small fishing boat docked in Gloucester, MA.

Walden chooses our seafood partners carefully, guided by the principle of preservation both ecologically and economically. We take special care to know who caught our fish, where it was caught, and if the fishing practices were sustainable. We do all of this so we can deliver fresh and responsible seafood to your door. 

Our fish are caught wild with methods that follow our strict sustainable standards. Unlike some fish that are caught on US boats and then frozen, shipped overseas, thawed for processing, and then sent back to US markets (being refrozen up to four more times), all of our fish is caught in-season then flash frozen and vacuum sealed at peak freshness.

Another way we provide delicious, ecologically-friendly seafood is to join forces with local partners. Red’s Best is a network of small fishing fleets that joined together to support local fishing communities. By aggregating catches, Red’s helps the men and women operating small fishing fleets increase their bargaining power, resulting in better working conditions and pay for the fishing crews and better prices at the seafood markets. 

We also track the chain of custody on our seafood. The QR code on a package of Walden seafood represents an unbroken chain that can be traced through shipping, labeling, packaging, and processing back to the person on the boat that caught your dinner. By supporting suppliers that have a reputation for honesty and provide data to verify, Walden has found reliable and sustainable fishing partners. Their local fish are better for the environment, and you are more likely to get a fresher, better-tasting product.

The fight for a strong, sustainable seafood ecosystem continues, but at Walden we're dedicated to winning that fight. And because members like you care about the quality of your food, the health of the environment, and the vibrancy of your communities, we are able to prove that sustainable fishing is possible. So order up some clam chowder or some seasonal scallops to sear and celebrate your northeastern seafood heritage!

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(Photo: Processing Fish for Walden Local)