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FREE Chicken Wings
$7.99 / pound
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Chicken Noodle Soup Starter Pack
$34.99 per Pack
This recipe pack is a perennial favorite and is great on a charcuterie board! You'll receive 1 pound of chicken livers, a tub of salted butter, some merlot sea salt, and a recipe card for this fool-proof appetizer!
DIY Chicken Liver Pate Pack
$13.00 per each
Another specialty cut created by the team at our Boston Butcher Shop! Their stuffed belly is rich, flavorful, and is a fan favorite. Ours is stuffed with our sweet Italian sausage and is ~2lbs. Ingredients: Walden Pork, Walden Sweet Italian Sausage
Stuffed Pork Belly
$13.19 / pound
For a limited time only, grab a pack of these festive summery sausages that have a mild kick and tons of flavor. Ingredients: Walden Pork, salt, spicy smoked paprika, black pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, chili flakes, chipotle, and mustard powder.
Firecracker Sausage
$11.00 per Pack
Our newest heat and eat product is a riff on a classic pastrami, which is generally made from brisket. Ingredients: Walden beef, Water, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Mustard Seed, Coriander, Black Pepper, Celery Powder, Smoked Paprika, Granulated Garlic, and Bay Leaves. ~1.5-2 lbs.
Beef Eye Round Pastrami
$13.19 / pound
Turkey necks make for great stock with their gelatin content. Add turkey necks to water and simmer several hours for a thick, gut-healthy broth!
Turkey Necks
$1.00 / pound
This 100% grass-fed, raw cow's milk cheddar is from our Partners at Brookford Farm. The hints of smokiness make a great addition to a burger!
Smoked Cheddar
$10.99 per Pack
Perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal (Contains Gluten)! Ingredients: Walden Beef, Walden Pork, Enriched Flour*, Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Spices. *CONTAINS WHEAT
Beef and Pork Meatball Mix
$9.34 per 1lb Pack
Our 1/3lb patties come in 1lb packs of 3 patties each. They're ready to throw on the grill for a fast weeknight supper. Individually packaged. Ingredients: 100% grass-fed Walden beef.
1/3lb Beef Patties
$10.00 per Pack
Simply water and grass-fed beef bones. The perfect stew base or hearty drink! Made in NY, delivered frozen, and NO SALT added. 28oz.
Beef Bone Broth
$9.89 per Container
We've been working on this recipe for some time - and we finished just in time for summertime grilling and baseball season! Ingredients: Walden beef, Walden pork, water, sea salt, sugar, paprika, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavorings, cherry powder, in a sheep casing.
Beef and Pork Franks
$10.99 per 1lb Pack
Amazingly flavorful bacon from the jowl muscle. Raised and made in Vermont! Ingredients: Walden Pork, Water, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Celery Powder, and Maple Syrup.~1.5lb packages.
Jowl Bacon
$10.99 / pound
Our pasture-raised chicken broth is slow-simmered with water, Walden chicken bones, organic onions, organic celery, and organic carrots! Made in NY, delivered frozen, and NO SALT added. 28 oz.
Chicken Bone Broth
$9.89 per Container
From our partners at Brookford Farm, this is mild, soft cheese makes a great addition to a cheese board or is delicious on its own! 1/2lb Ingredients: pasteurized milk, culture, rennet, salt
$15.19 per Pack
From our partners at Brookford Farm, this lacto-fermented kraut includes delicious beets. 15 oz Ingredients: Cabbage, Beets, Garlic, Sea Salt, Coriander
$11.40 per Jar
Raw, grass-fed cow's milk gouda from our partners at Brookford Farm! Serve sliced on a charcuterie board or melted on one of our grass-fed burgers! 1/2 pound per order Ingredients: *Raw Cows Milk, Salt, Culture, Rennet, Basil
Basil Gouda
$11.49 per 1/2lb Pack
100% grass-fed cow's milk Feta from our partners at Brookford Farm. 1/2 lb package
$10.19 per 1/2lb Pack
This coffee stands out for its fruit sweetness, round body, and strawberry scent on the fresh, dry grounds. Medium Roast. Whole Bean. 12oz
Medium Roast - Guatemala Colmenita
$14.00 per Bag
Our buttermilk is a delicious result of the butter-making process, perfect for everything from brining chicken to making fluffier pancakes. 1 Quart
$5.49 per Quart
Alpine Swiss is a washed rind raw, grass-fed milk cheese, Aged 6 months by our Partners at Brookford Farm. It has a slight sweetness similar to Emmental and other swiss cheeses. 1/2 lb pack
Swiss Cheese
$13.49 per 1/2lb Pack
Our uncured half bone-in ham is unlike any ham you've had before! Plus, it is perfect for leftover ham sandwiches! ~4-8# Ingredients: Walden Pork, brown sugar, sea salt, celery powder, Vermont maple syrup
Half Bone-In Ham
$8.99 / pound
A mix of Walden staples, perfect for quick meals. Each pack includes one ~1.5# boneless ham, one 1lb pack of sweet Italian sausage, and one 1lb pack of ground pork
Weeknight Pack for Two
$19.50 per ~3lb Pack
From our partners at Curio, simply add to ground beef or pork, steak, or pulled pork for a delicious taco meal.
Taco Spice
$10.75 per Pack
This uncased, loose version of our ginger garlic sausage is perfect for stir fry or quick meatballs! 1lb brick Ingredients: Walden pork, salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, dried onion, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, and gluten free soy sauce.Contains Soy!
Ginger and Garlic Brick
$9.19 per Brick
This uncased, loose version of our sweet italian sausage is perfect for quick meatballs or crumbled into sauce! 1lb brick Ingredients: Walden pork, salt, black pepper, fennel, dried garlic, and oregano.
Sweet Italian Brick
$9.19 per Brick
This Colombian coffee offers notes of stout, graham cracker, and cinnamon. 12oz bag
Nor'easter Dark Roast
$14.00 per Bag
Intended for cold brew, this versatile blend also works well as a filter or espresso coffee! 12oz bag
Cold Brew Blend
$14.00 per Bag
This Old English style cheese is similar to a cheddar, but milder and more crumbly! 1/2lb piece
$13.49 per Pack
A blend of Kampot pepper, Maine sea salt, ginger, lime, and tarragon. Add oil and vinegar to create a simple vinaigrette, which can also be used as a citrusy, peppery marinade. 2.7oz Tin
Kampot and Salt
$10.50 per Tin
With a slight kick, this versatile sausage is a great addition to a pasta dish or delicious on its own! 1lb pack Ingredients: Walden Pork, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Spices (Rosemary, Crushed Red Pepper, Thyme), Dehydrated Garlic, Parsley
Rosemary Thyme Links
$10.49 per Pack
12oz of barbecue sauce with a slight kick for all your grilling needs Ingredients: Crushed Tomatoes and Tomato Paste, Shipyard Export Ale, Cider Vinegar, Canceaux Sauce, Shark bite Mustard, Cane Sugar, Black Pepper, Oregano, Spices & Maine Seaweed
Shipyard Beer-B-Que
$11.00 per Bottle
Sweet, tangy, and garlicky, this Korean-style sauce works well as a marinade or condiment. 15oz bottle *Contains Soy Ingredients: Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Cane Sugar, Water, White Distilled Vinegar, Granulated Garlic, Apple Juice Concentrate, Minced Garlic, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Toasted Sesame Oil, Granulated Onion, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Ginger, Xanthan Gum (a natural thickener).
Korean Style BBQ Sauce
$11.00 per Bottle
A hard to find cut, the pork round roast is a leaner cut that is delicious when marinated, slow roasted, or braised. ~2-4#s
Pork Round Roast
$9.19 / pound
This spice can be used as a dry rub, or combined with a splash of water, vinegar and olive oil to use as a paste. 2oz Jar. Ingredients: Chilies, cumin, coriander, caraway, rose buds, grains of paradise, garlic, sea salt.
Rose Harissa
$10.99 per Jar
From our partners at Brookford Farm, these whole pickles are the perfect compliment to a Walden Ham sandwich or burger! 16oz Jar Ingredients: Organic Cucumbers, Garlic, Salt , Water, Dill Seed and Mustard Seed
$9.99 per Jar
This tangy, savory dressing is perfect for marinating Walden pork, chicken, or fish! 13 oz glass bottle Ingredients: unsweetened rice vinegar, safflower oil, gluten-free miso, water, lemon juice, tahini, ginger, agave, onion
Miso Lemon Vinaigrette
$11.00 per Bottle
Picnic roasts are best cooked low and slow and are perfect for pulled pork. The larger bone provides a lot of flavor and is great to use in soups. ~3-6lbs
Bone-In Pork Picnic Roast
$7.79 / pound
Our new Juniper Salami is bright, clean and reminiscent of northern Italy’s alpine landscape where Juniper reigns supreme. 4oz log.
Juniper Salami
$8.49 per Pack
Our peppercorn smoked pork belly is loaded with flavor and easy to make (it's just like our bacon)! Thick slice or dice and finish it slow in the oven or in a skillet. Try it on a breakfast sandwich or diced in carbonara. ~2-4lbs Ingredients: Walden pork, water, salt, brown sugar, black pepper, celery powder, and maple syrup.
Peppercorn Smoked Belly
$13.19 / pound
The perfect cheese board salami! 8oz Package. Ingredients: Walden pork, salt, wine, turbinado sugar, celery juice powder, pepper, garlic, and lactic acid starter culture (not from milk).
Red Wine Salami
$15.39 per 8oz Pack
Our pre-sliced, fresh Soppressata is a quick addition to any charcuterie board. 2oz Pack Ingredients: Walden pork, salt, red wine, less than 1% of the following: garlic, black pepper, white pepper, chili, turbinado sugar, celery juice powder, water, lactic acid starter culture.
Sliced Soppressata
$7.19 per 2oz Pack
Certified organic and 100% grass-fed whole milk. Our cream-top, A2 milk is pasture-raised without antibiotics. No hormones administered.
Grass-Fed Whole Milk
$5.99 per half gallon
From our partners at Brookford Farm, this raw, lacto-fermented kraut is full of gut healthy vitamins and enzymes! This spicy, tangy mix using organic cabbage and jalapeno makes a great snack or addition to a meal! 15oz jar Ingredients: Cabbage, Jalapeno, Salt, Cumin
$11.40 per Jar
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Pasture-Raised Eggs
$6.50 per dozen
1lb of your favorite breakfast sausage, now uncased! Add it to breakfast skillets or casseroles, or free form patties. Ingredients:
Maple Breakfast Sausage Brick
$9.99 per Pack
From the craft chocolate masters at Chequessett Chocolate in Cape Cod, this 52% chocolate blends, savory, sweet, and herbal flavors into a complex and unique chocolate experience. Organic cacao beans, organic evaporated cane juice, organic non-fat milk powder, organic cacao butter, organic salted butter (pasteurized organic sweet cream (milk), salt), sage, sunflower lecithin. 2 oz.
Sconset Brown Butter and Sage Chocolate
$10.99 per Bar
From the craft chocolate masters at Chequessett Chocolate in Cape Cod, this 72% chocolate is studded with sea salt crystals for a satisfying twist on a traditional chocolate bar. Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cacao butter, sea salt. 2 oz.
Wellfleet Sea Salt Chocolate
$9.50 per Bar
Made with only organic sugar and organic, fair-trade certified cocoa - add some cream-top Walden milk for the perfect winter treat. 16 oz
Hot Cocoa Mix
$6.98 per UNit
Three Racks of Baby Back Ribs
$49.99 per Pack
Start the day off right with our local breakfast staples. Each pack includes: 1lb bacon, one dozen eggs, whole bean dark roast coffee, milk, sliced sourdough and salted butter
Classic Breakfast Pack
$44.00 per Pack
The essentials for a pasta meal that is sure to impress! Each pack includes, one sweet italian sausage brick, one pack of fresh spaghetti, sliced sourdough, and creamy basil pasta sauce
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Pack
$55.00 per Pack
Another outstanding pasta offering from Deano's Pasta, this fresh spaghetti cooks in just a few minutes, and is a natural with our sausages, ground beef, or ground pork. Ingredients: No. 1 Semolina Flour (Wheat), Water, Sea Salt. 12 oz
Fresh Spaghetti
$11.49 per Pack
From our partners at Not Just Co, this pasta sauce is flavorful, healthy, and the perfect complement to our pasta and meat selections for an easy, satisfying meal. Ingredients: Tomatoes, Water, Onions, Peppers, Golden Beets, Zucchini, Carrots, Celery, Spinach, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cashew Butter (cashews, safflower or sunflower oil), Kosher Salt, Basil, Garlic, Citric Acid. 16 oz.
Creamy Basil Pasta Sauce
$10.49 per Jar
Our unsalted butter is great for baking and comes from happy, grass-fed cows raised on pasture! Get it monthly by adding it to your share through the 'Your Share' tab on your member page. 8oz tub.
Unsalted Butter
$6.00 per 8oz tub
Fresh, sweet cream butter from 100% grass-fed cows in central New York.
Grass-Fed Butter
$6.50 per 8oz tub
Your next charcuterie board will be the star with this curated group of best sellers - our Juniper Salami, 2 packs of Soppressata, our Grass-Fed Cheddar, and Rosemary Garlic Bread.
Salami and Cheddar Pack
$34.99 per Pack
Made with the same organic, grass-fed milk as our Whole Milk, this complex cheddar has sweet, savory, and grassy flavors balanced with a slight cheddar bite. Perfect all-purpose cheese for eating and melting. Ingredients: organic cultured unpasteurized milk, sea salt, enzymes. 8oz
Grass-Fed Cheddar
$12.99 per Unit
Nothing beats a good ham sandwich, and with this collection you have everything you need to make an exceptional lunch. Just add your favorite veggies and you're set. Includes: Sliced Ham, Sourdough Bread, Old World Gourmet Mustard, and our Grass-Fed Cheddar
Step Up Your Sandwich Pack
$34.99 per Pack
A new favorite mustard made at the last stone ground mustard mill in the US. This pairs perfectly with Corned Beef, Ham, or as an accompaniment to your next charcuterie board. Ingredients: Deep Well Water, Blended Whole Mustard Seeds, Distilled Vinegar, Salt and True Spices. 9oz.
Old World Gourmet Mustard
$5.99 per Jar
Great for making your own homemade sausages or pork burgers! Pasture-raised in Vermont, NH, and NY. 1lb Packs.
Ground Pork
$7.49 per Pound
Our pasture-raised pulled pork is precooked and ready to eat! Just add your own sauce for a quick, delicious mid-week meal. NO SALT ADDED. 1lb packs. Ingredients: Walden pork.
Pulled Pork
$9.99 per 1 lb Pack
Pasture-raised in NE & NY. Smoked and brined with Vermont Maple Syrup. Ingredients: Walden Pork, brown sugar, sea salt, celery powder, Vermont maple syrup. One roast, ~1.5lbs. Recipes Ideas Here!
Pork Smoked Ham
$9.49 / pound
Our pastured chicken wings with two different BBQ sauces.
BBQ Chicken Wings Pack
$145.99 per Pack
These bacon ends are cut into small pieces and are great in carbonara, salads and omelettes. Note that they tend to be fatty! Ingredients: Walden pork, water, brown sugar, sea salt, celery powder, and maple syrup. Made in North Springfield, VT.
Bacon Ends & Pieces
$4.00 per 16oz pack
Our 4 newest salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Pack includes: Red Wine and Garlic Salami (4oz), Fennel Salami (5oz), Pepperoni (5oz), and Sliced Genoa Salami (2.5oz)
Salami Sampler Pack
$34.00 per Pack
A classic salami flavor profile, fennel adds a touch of sweetness and an herbal character that is the perfect foil for the clean flavors of our local pasture-raised pork. Will be the star of your next charcuterie board! 5oz. Ingredients: Pork, Sea Salt, White Wine, Celery Juice Powder, Fennel, Garlic, Water, Turbinado Sugar, Black Pepper, Lactic Acid Starter Culture
Fennel Salami
$13.99 per Unit
The classic flavors of red wine and garlic elevate this salami to another level, and perfectly complement the clean flavors of our pasture-raised pork. Ingredients: Walden Pork, Salt, Red Wine, Cultured Celery Powder, Turbinado Sugar, Spices, Garlic, Lactic Acid Starter Culture. Remove casing before eating. 4 oz.
Red Wine and Garlic Salami
$9.99 per Unit
4 salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Pack includes: Juniper Salami (4oz), Fennel Salami (5oz), Pepperoni (5oz), and Sliced Genoa Salami (2.5oz)
Salami Variety Pack
$35.99 per Pack
Expand your grilling horizons with the Mixed Grill share! A mix of classics and Walden Local member favorites will get you ready to host your next cookout!
Mixed Grill Pack
$59.98 per
A classic never goes out of style! Get ready for grilling season with our famous hot dogs and grass-fed ground beef!
Classic Cookout Share
$79.99 per Classic Cookout Share
Three of our favorite sauces that will cover a wide range of uses in the kitchen and on the grill. Includes 1 each of: Sriracha Chili Sauce, Old World Gourmet Mustard, and Korean BBQ Sauce.
Essential Flavors Pack
$39.99 per Pack
A versatile condiment for anything off the grill, your next stir fry, or to spice up your scrambled eggs, this certified organic sriracha is made by Kitchen Garden Farm from their farm-grown organic peppers. Ingredients: Organic chilies, organic vinegar, organic cane sugar, organic garlic, sea salt, xanthan gum. 8oz.
Sriracha Chili Sauce
$12.99 per Bottle
The perfect gift for your favorite pitmaster. This selection of rubs and spices from Curio Spice Co. will cover lots of ground on all types of meat and seafood - burgers, ribs, fish, brisket, pork roasts...the list goes on and on. Includes Da Lat Spice Vietnamese Coffee Rub, Chili Today Spice Blend, Applewood Smoked Maine Sea Salt, Smoked Spanish Paprika, and Chile Flakes. Comes in a gift sleeve with recipes.
Smoke and Grill Gift Set
$42.99 per Set
Truly pasture raised local full wings (drumette+wing). ~5.0lb bag
Chicken Wings
$7.00 / pound
Use this cut for any sort of smoking or braising your heart fancies. Wonderful in pork birria tacos. Boneless cut; 1-3 pounds.
Pork Brisket
$7.19 / pound
Pasture raised in NE & NY, this whole rack of bone-in spare ribs is perfect for the grill, ~3lbs.
Whole Rack of Spare Ribs
$10.79 / pound
Burger Upgrade Pack
$79.99 per Pack
Milk Box
$58.99 per
Perfect for the smoker! 8-14 pounds.
Whole Beef Brisket
$9.89 / pound
This pack gets you all the building blocks for your next taco night at home - includes 1lb ground pork, raw flour tortillas made with Walden pasture-raised pork lard, and El Barrio's salsa macha for unique new condiment addition. Add your favorite seasonal veggies and spices, your preferred cheese, and you've got a leveled-up taco dinner
Taco Starter Kit Pack
$38.88 per Pack
Reformulated with a new processing partner, our chicken broth is made with bones from our pasture-raised chicken, simmered for hours along with organic onions, organic celery, and organic carrots for rich and complex flavor. No salt added, just a simple satisfying broth for your soups, sauces, and even drinking as-is. 22 oz.
Chicken Bone Broth - 22oz
$10.99 per
Wake up right with a truly local breakfast using our amazing breakfast sandwich pack! Hand made English muffins, pasture-raised eggs, sage sausage patties, and our grass-fed cheddar...this pack is the perfect complement to your sunrise. Contains 1 pack of Sourdough English Muffins, 1 dozen pastured eggs, our sage pork breakfast sausage patties (1lb), and our grass-fed jack-style cheese (8oz)
Step Up Your Breakfast Sandwich Pack
$58.99 per Pack
This pack has a range of member favorites featuring our popular salamis made with pasture-raised pork and our unique 100% grass-fed cheese! Contains 2 ea Juniper Salami, 2 ea Pepperoni, 2 ea Sliced Soppressata, 2 ea Grass-Fed Goud
Entertaining Party Pack
$67.99 per Pack
This pack has a range of member favorites featuring our popular salamis made with pasture-raised pork and our unique 100% grass-fed cheese! Contains 2 ea Juniper Salami, 2 ea Red Wine and Garlic Salami, 2 ea Sliced Soppressata, 2 ea Grass-Fed Gouda
Salami and Cheese Party Pack
$57.99 per Pack
Cultured Butter Description
Cultured Butter
$12.49 per Pack
Weeknight Dinner Pack
$49.99 per Pack
Raw Flour Tortillas
$8.99 per
4 of our best-selling salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Pack includes: Juniper Salami (4oz), Red Wine and Garlic Salami (4oz), Pepperoni (5oz), and Soppressata (2oz)
Salami Medley Pack
$46.79 per Pack
Winter Favorite Sausage Pack
$145.99 per Pack
A balanced cup of coffee that has something for everyone - bright notes complemented by syrupy richness. Versatile and complex. 12oz - Whole Bean.
Medium Roast - Sunrise Blend
$14.99 per
Great for kabobs, stir fry, pizza, and more! Diced in ~1 inch cubes, fully cooked, and ready to eat. 1lb packages.
Pork Ham Diced
$4.00 per 1 lb pack
We've collected three of our favorite sauces that make great marinades for your meat on the grill, smoker, or your next stir-fry. Includes 1 each of our Gochugaru Lime Sauce, Korean BBQ Sauce, and Sriracha
Essential Marinades Pack
$25.99 per Pack
Breakfast Sandwich Pack
Breakfast Sandwich Pack
$38.98 per Pack
Raised in Vermont and New York, our beef briskets are perfect for home made corned beef! ~ 4-8lbs
Half Beef Brisket
$7.99 / pound
100% Grass-fed and finished local beef.The chef’s choice for grilling; good balance of flavor and tenderness. 2 boneless steaks, ~1.5lbs
Beef Ribeye
$31.19 / pound
Start your day the local way with our Rise and Shine Pancake Pack! Fresh-milled pancake mix from Mighty Mill, real Vermont maple syrup, grass-fed butter, and our famous bacon - everything you need for an early morning feast. . Includes Pancake Mix, Maple Syrup, Bacon, and Salted Butter.
Rise and Shine Pancake Pack
$145.99 per Pack
Contains 4 ea 22oz packs of Chicken Bone Broth
Bulk Chicken Bone Broth - 22oz
$19.99 per Pack
Celebrate Spring with our selection of delicious pasture-raised and locally sourced sausages, including Honey, Garlic & Ginger, Hot Italian, and Smoked Kielbasa, this pack is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh flavors of the season. Whether you're grilling up a storm or simply looking for a quick and easy meal, our Spring favorites sausage pack is sure to satisfy your cravings and delight your taste buds.
Spring Favorites Sausage Pack
$28.99 per Pack
Summer Scorcher Sausage Pack
$34.99 per Pack
Lots of meat
Mix Grill Pack
$89.99 per Pack
Items: 5 1lb packs of GB, 2 jack style cheese
Burger Starter Pack
$34.99 per Pack
Includes 1lb Bacon, 1 dozen eggs, 1 pack english muffins, 8oz salted butter, 1lb maple breakfast sausage
Classic Breakfast in Bed Pack
$25.99 per Pack
Enjoy this hearty and delicious meat sauce made with a blend of locally sourced, pasture-raised ground pork and grass-fed ground beef, perfect for adding flavor to your favorite dishes. INGREDIENTS: TOMATO (tomatoes, tomato puree, salt, citric acid), WALDEN LOCAL PASTURE-RAISED GROUND PORK, WALDEN LOCAL 100% GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF, WATER, TOMATO PASTE (tomatoes, citric acid), ONION, CARROT, CELERY, CANOLA OIL, GARLIC, BASIL, SEA SALT, CANE SUGAR, OLIVE OIL, SPICES. 24oz.
Bolognese Meat Sauce
$12.99 per Unit
Enjoy the rich and hearty flavor of our chili, crafted with premium grass-fed, local ground beef! INGREDIENTS: KIDNEY BEANS (dark red kidney beans, water, salt, calcium chloride), WALDEN LOCAL 100% GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF, TOMATOES (tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato puree, salt, calcium chloride, citric acid), ONIONS, WATER, TOMATO PASTE (tomatoes, citric acid), WHEAT FLOUR (unbleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), JALAPEÑO PEPPERS (jalapeño peppers, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, garlic), SPICES, CHILI POWDER, SEA SALT, SUGAR, GARLIC, GROUND RED PEPPER. CONTAINS: WHEAT. 32oz.
Grass-Fed Beef Chili with Beans
$19.99 per Unit
Grass-Fed Beef Chili with Beans, Sourdough Rolls, Grass-Fed Cheddar
Chili Dinner Pack
$2.99 per Pack
Bolognese Meat Sauce, Crest di Gallo Pasta
Bolognese Dinner Pack
$11.99 per Pack
Salami Pack
$19.99 per Pack
Two Racks of Spare Ribs
$39.99 per Pack
Indulge in the ultimate surf and turf experience with our Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Steak and local caught Scallops! Sourced from small day boat fishermen, our scallops are fresh and sustainably caught, while our grass-fed tri-tip steak offers a tender and flavorful beef option.
Surf & Turf Pack
$79.99 per Pack
Weeknight Dinner Pack
$29.99 per Pack
split flats and drums
Split Chicken Wings
$7.99 / pound
Split Wings Party Pack
$39.99 per Pack
Fill Up the Grill Pack
$49.99 per Pack
3 of our best-selling salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Includes Red wine & garlic, Pepperoni, Fennel
Three Salami Pack
$25.99 per Pack