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As a thank you for being our member, please take home some free chicken wings and don't be afraid to wing it
FREE Chicken Wings
$7.99 / pound
New Year's Seafood Pack
$157.99 per Pack
Contains 2 Red Wine and Garlic Salami, 2 Fennel Salami, 2 Sliced Soppressata, 2 Grass-Fed Cheddar
Entertaining All Stars Pack
$59.99 per Pack
Feast of the Sustainable Seven Pack
$245.99 per Pack
Fire up the grill and get ready for a mouthwatering feast with our Chicken Griller Pack. Packed with 2 tender pasture-raised chicken breasts and 2 packs of chicken legs, this pack is perfect for your next cookout! 4lbs - 8lbs.
Chicken Griller Pack
$59.99 per Pack
Milk Box
$58.99 per
Our grass-fed, jack-style cheese is a perfect "all uses" cheese for recipes, melting, or just slicing and enjoying on a fresh charcuterie board.. Ingredients: Organic cultured unpasteurized milk, sea salt, enzymes. Contains Milk.
Grass-Fed Jack-Style Cheese
$12.99 per
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Prepay Discounts
$0.00 per 6 month prepayment
One baseball-style Walden hat, gray with multicolored embroidered logo
Walden Hat
$20.00 per each
1 lb of blueberry honey from hives located in the blueberry fields of New England; use as a glaze or appetizer accent.
Carlisle Honey's Blueberry Blossom
$9.99 per Jar
True American chutney. Made with fruit, nuts and a touch of vinegar. Contains walnuts.
New England Cranberry Chutney
$6.19 per Jar
We are excited to provide raw dog food, made from our 100% grass-fed meats! 1lb packages. Ingredients: ground beef, beef heart, beef liver, spinach, carrot, hempseed, fish oil, bonemeal, kelp, sea salt, Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin D. Fortified per AAFCO recommendations.
Raw Dog Food
$7.69 per Pack
We are happy to announce a partnership with Polka Dog Bakery out of Boston, MA! These dehydrated hearts, kidneys and livers from chicken, beef and pork make healthy, sustainable treats for your canine friends! 4oz packages.
Dog Treats
$5.49 per Pack
Handmade with our own 100% grass-fed beef tallow from our pasture raised cows!
Lemongrass Soap
$5.49 per Bar
Handmade with our own 100% grass-fed beef tallow from our pasture raised cows!
Lavender Oatmeal Soap
$5.49 per Bar
Handmade with our own 100% grass-fed beef tallow from our pasture raised cows!
Rosemary Mint Soap
$5.49 per Bar
From our partners at 88 Acres, this sunflower seed butter is a delicious alternative to traditional nut butters. 14oz Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds*, Powdered Sugar* (Cane Sugar*, Tapioca Starch*), Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Cocoa Power*, Cocoa Butter*, Sea Salt. *Organic
Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter
$9.89 per Jar
With a great all-around heat, this hot sauce will provide a solid kick to any meal! 5 fl. oz Ingredients: vinegar, hot peppers, onions, beets, honey, garlic, salt, spices
Hot Sauce
$9.89 per Bottle
This robust syrup with strong maple flavor is great in recipes or with pancakes! 8.5oz
Maple Syrup
$8.00 per Container
From our Partners at 88 Acres. This pumpkin seed butter is a flavorful alternative to typical nut butter. 14oz. Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds*, Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Powdered Sugar (Cane Sugar*, Tapioca Starch*), Sea Salt. *Organic
Pumpkin Seed Butter
$12.89 per Jars
3 of our best-selling salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Includes Red wine & garlic, Pepperoni, Fennel
Three Salami Pack
$25.99 per Pack
The Gochugaru Lime Sauce that we developed with Not Just Co is a perfect marinade for our pasture-raised chicken wings, whether you cook them on the grill, in the smoker, or in the oven. Includes 1 bottle of Gochugaru Lime Sauce and 1 5lb bag of chicken wings.
Chicken Wing Spicy Marinade Pack
$29.99 per Pack
Contains 1 ea Pepperoni, Grass-Fed Cheddar, Andouille Sausage.
Fall Favorites Snack Pack (Free)
$57.99 per Pack
split flats and drums
Split Chicken Wings
$7.99 / pound